8 weeks pregnant ultrasound

8 weeks pregnant ultrasound. The first trimester of any pregnancy, for the first time mothers to be is very exciting. The feel is not only exciting for the mother but the father to be too. Ultrasounds carried out several times on different occasions; regular and in the case of emergency. That is a procedure to check the health and growth of the fetus in the mother’s womb. However, the entire process is painless without any major effect on the baby’s or mother’s health. In this article, we have gathered some solid groundings on the matter of how a mother feels while being pregnant and experiencing the 8th-week pregnancy ultrasound.


How is 8th-week pregnant mother’s ultrasound carried out?

8 weeks pregnant ultrasound

8 weeks pregnancy falls in the first trimester; three months, for each trimester. How is the ultrasound made is not at all painful? All you are required to do before getting it done is to drink an adequate amount of water. This amount of water allows seeing the movements of the baby. Other features of the process are to check on following functions:

  • Facial features:

Lips, eyes, and nose are at the starting point to develop in the first trimester can be seen on an ultrasound. The growth of embryo checked on a regular or scheduled routine.

  • Limbs:

Limbs, arms and legs are formed and are longer than before. The formation of thighs, toes is still not seen.

  • Organs:

Organs are formed which can’t be seen through an ultrasound.

In short heart rate, the formation of limbs and facial features can be noticed in the 8th-week pregnant ultrasound.

The importance of ultrasound in the 8th-week  pregnancy:

Ultrasounds are the happiest moments for parents as to the fact that they get to see little one growing in them. However, the need for ultrasound in the 8th week is important to monitor the growth as per the standard requirement. Besides a standard ultrasound, there comes a condition where it becomes urgent and essential. The list of reasons could be one or more than one:

  • Bleeding; spotting or heavy from the vagina of the mother.
  • To chalk out the presence of more than one pregnancy.
  • When the mother doesn’t put on weight.
  • The health of mother’s ovaries and the presence of any fibroid.
  • Embryo’s heart rate, growth, and size checked through ultrasound.

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Points to keep in mind:

Points to remember during the first week of pregnancy are:

  • Smoking, drinking, and drugs are to culminate throughout pregnancy.
  • According to the research and scientific studies, mother to have to consume 800 extra calories. Healthy diet can affect the growth of a baby in the womb
  • Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water is a must. It is so important that even if you pee more often, it is considered safe.
  • Multiple and small portions of meals recommended than eating a lot of it in one go. The reason which is told to favor the statement by doctors is related to digestion.