Cirrhosis of the liver

What is

Cirrhosis of the liver? Critical damage of a liver and disorders liver functionalities which usually we see at the final stages of the Chronic illness.

The scarring which causes by a long period of the toxins like viral infection and alcohol. A Liver is located upper right side of the stomach under the ribs. The liver controls many essential functions of the body which includes:

  • It produces bile, which helps you to absorb cholesterol, vitamins A, E, D and all dietary fats.
  • Creates blood clot proteins
  • It stores sugar and vitamins for later use by your body.
  • It purifies your blood and removes toxins such as bacteria and alcohol from the system.

Cirrhosis of the liver

According to a study Cirrhosis of the liver is the 11th leading cause of death due to this disease in

  1. It mostly affects men more than women.

Development of this Cirrhosis

The liver is a very hardy organ of our body, and it helps to regenerate all the damage cells. This disease develops in the liver when alcohol and chronic viral infections are affecting the liver, for a long period. After that, the liver becomes damaged, scarred and injured. A damaged and scarred liver can not perform its function properly. And at the end of the day, the result is in cirrhosis of the liver.

Cirrhosis disease Shrinks our liver and makes it hard, and that makes the blood difficult to flow into the liver from portal vein to nutrient rich blood. The portal vein helps to carry blood to the digestive organs or the liver. It causes pressure in the portal vein that rises when blood can’t flow into the liver.

It leads a patient to an acute condition which called portal hypertension, in this position the portal vein creates high blood pressure. The unfortunate result is esophageal varices which cause by portal hypertension and high blood pressure that creates a backup. Due to high pressure, it can burst and bleed.


Causes of Cirrhosis

Long term viral hepatitis C infection and chronic alcohol abuse are the most common causes of cirrhosis liver disease. Fatness(obesity) is also a significant cause of cirrhosis. But it’s not that common like hepatitis or alcohol is. But consider obesity itself a risk factor.

According to NIH, women who use takes more than three alcoholic drinks in a day can develop cirrhosis of the liver for many years. It can put men into the risk cirrhosis if he drinks more than four drinks more than four alcoholic beverages in a day. But still, the amount of is much different for every person. But it doesn’t mean that people who ever drunk more than few drinks will only develop this disease. The regularity of the actual amount of alcohol causes the cirrhosis of liver,


Symptoms of Cirrhosis of the liver

The symptoms occur when a liver is unable to verify the blood. It breaks down the toxins, produces clotting proteins. It helps the absorption of fats and fat soluble vitamins. There are no signs of symptoms until the disease has progressed in the liver. There are some symptoms that include:

  • Rashes and itchy skin
  • Less appetite
  • Nose bleedings
  • Jaundice which called yellow discoloration
  • Weight loss
  • fatigue
  • anorexia

more symptoms can be:

  • The patient can be confused and can face difficulty thinking clearly.
  • Stomach swollen
  • Legs Swelling
  • Powerlessness(impotence)
  • Gynecomastia

Diagnosis of Cirrhosis

A physical examination and detailed history of cirrhosis can help the diagnosis of this disease. Your doctor would take your complete medical history. Long term alcohol abuses or hepatitis C can reveal in the history. It includes the family history of autoimmune disease or the other risk factors. Physical examination can reveal some of the signs that include:

  • Jaundice
  • Pale skin
  • Yellow eyes
  • Hand shaking
  • REddened palms
  • Reduced size of testicles
  • Growth in men breast tissues
  • Less alertness

Physical examinations and tests can show how damaged your liver has become. For evaluation of cirrhosis tests are:

  • To reveal anaemia, you can ask for a complete blood test
  • Coagulation
  • Liver functionalities tests
  • Liver cancer screening


Treatments of Cirrhosis of the liver posed by the disease progression. Your specialist can prescribe some of the treatments which are:

  • Nitrates and beta blocking check-ups for portal hypertension
  • Resisting drinks if alcohol is the cause of this disease.
  • Bending techniques that used to control bleeding.
  • Hemodialysis to purify blood cases for kidney failure.
  • To treat encephalopathy, they can suggest you lactulose and low protein diet

Liver transplant is the final option for resort when the other treatments are not working.
You must stop the alcohol drinkings. All the medications that are taken by without consulting the doctor.