Common Causes of Pain Under Right Breast

Common Causes of Pain Under Right Breast.

It is crucial to find the cause of any pain, irrespective of how harmless it might be. When you are aware of the main culprit, then you can easily get rid of the pain. Same goes true for pain under right breast. If you are interested to know the common causes of pain under right breast, then this article is for you.

Leading causes of Right Breast Pain

Here are some of the common causes for right breast pain.

  • Rib Injury
  • Kidney Stones
  • Pleurisy
  • Pancreatitis
  • Gallbladder disease

Rib Injury

A rib injury might be behind sharp pain in the right breast. These ribs form a shell which protects internal organ from damage, but one of these gets damaged or fractured, then you are more likely to experience severe breast pain. An accident or a blow directly to the chest can result in rib fracture, which would create further complications. Some patients also complain that they experience pain when they sneeze and cough, which is due to the broken ribs.

Kidney Stones

Another reason behind pain in the right breast is kidney stones. Although the small kidney stones might excrete out through urine, the larger ones will make your life a misery. Most patient experiences pain on the side, where organs are present but there are bright chances that this pain could move upwards to the rib cage and finally to the right breast. Vomiting, pain while passing urine, change in color and frequency of urine are other signs of kidney stones that you should not neglect.

Pain Under Right Breast


Commonly caused due to the inflammation in the chest cavity, contact with toxic chemicals or outer infection layer of the lung, this medical disorder worsens with deep breathing and coughing. Some patients might experience shortness of breath and might need an inhaler to breathe easily.


It is amazing to know that even though, the pancreas is located on the other side of the body but inflammation in the pancreas can have a far-reaching impact i-e to the different aspect of the body. Whether it is due to alcohol abuse, infection, blockage of the duct or high amount of triglyceride in the body, pancreatitis should deal with seriousness. Avoid fatty foods because it will make your condition even worse.

Gallbladder Disease

Located in the upper portion of the abdomen, the gallbladder is a small container placed under the liver. This container is responsible for storage and release of bile, which is an essential digestive juice liver produces. When bile crystallizes, it leads to the formation of gallstones, solid crystalline stones made from the mixture of cholesterol, salt, and pigments. These gallstones pave the way for infection which leads to pain under right breast.


If you have been feeling pain in the right breast, then look out for these warning mentioned above signs. Consult with your doctor immediately and keep an eye on these symptoms. Your doctor will recommend a better cure to overcome these causes, which would solve your breast pain problem.