How to get rid of a headache?

How to get rid of a headache? A headache has become frequently common in today’s busy world. Sometimes it gets worse, and the result is medical conditions. Usually, headaches are just resulting in tiredness and huge stress, late work night and dehydration. Or doing much over in your spin classes. There are so many of treatments that can reduce headaches which include aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen and some other prescriptions headaches medications. They don’t always help to reduce the symptoms. You don’t even need to take more than the recommended dosage, but people only consider them the solution. There are many simple and common lifestyle that can help you reducing headache pain without using any medicine.

Try Massage therapy

Massages are incredibly therapeutics. It can be luxurious, but it helps to keep your stress low and away from tiredness. Headaches can sometimes occur due to the stress, fatigue that strain the upper muscles from the poor posture of a hard workout routine. So, in that case, a massage therapy may be able to decrease chronic pain as well as it provides comfort and eases to muscle tension that causes a head pain. All you need to find some time for yourself, search for the best massage centres near you. And find a master who could adequately address your specific pain points.

How to get rid of a headache

Cool and hot application treatment

Cool application

Sometimes cool and hot applications can offer relief to the muscles tension that causes a headache. Get some ice in a plastic bag and cover the bag with a thin cloth and place it on your forehead and cheeks. These are the areas where the pain is located. Don’t forget to limit your cold pack applications more or less than ten minutes.

Hot application

You can buy a heat pack in every drugstore, after that you need to take a small piece of fabric or a pillow and fill it with uncooked rice. Tie up the open end together. Just put the rice in microwave for 1 minute, then put or apply on the back of your neck or forehead to get heat relief.

Try some breathing exercises

Believe or not, but it’s true that extreme headaches can eradicate with some regular breathing exercises that help to focus on your mind and provide ease to your muscles. It can sound silly but it the tension related to headaches can sometimes run away with this exercises. Try this exercise on a regular basis and you will see the results only in one week.

Find a quiet, simple and ventilated place with a comfortable chair at your home, workplace, office or any other location where nobody can distract you. After that take slow breaths, breathe in for 3 to 5 seconds and breath out same. As you will feel relaxed, your muscles stretchiness will reduce. You can also try some other progressive relaxation techniques by focusing each muscle in your body.  Starting from your toes then work your way up gradually.


Dehydration can cause a headache. But it is much easy to avoid. Taking a perfect glass of water can help you like the electrolyte that contains beverages such as Gatorade, Powerade and Pedialyte. You need to know that there are some drinks available in markets that can reduce your head pain, they are those that can trigger them. Taking too much cups of coffee or caffeine, or soft drinks also can lead you to a headache.  If you start your day with stab bucks quad latter, you surely are going to deal it for a toned down mixture, filled with half caffeinated and half decaffeinated. Red wine and alcohol also lead to dehydration that causes a headache.

Get some sleep
No doubt lack of sleep can lead you to many health problems. It can lead you to a chronic headache if you don’t get your nightly minimum. But if you know you need sleep and you actually not getting it are different things. There are many ways to improve the amount and quality of your sleep. Try some following steps:

Make a schedule and sleep

Make a sleep schedule and commit to sleep on it. Go to your bed and wake up at your regular time. If you start to go to your bed 10 minutes earlier and sleep after 10 minutes, consider it is leading you in a right direction of getting ease, night comfort and sleep.

Avoid stimulants

You need to understand that taking stimulants like alcohol, sugar, nicotine or caffeine in the hours before bed can keep you away from sleep.  Try to give your body time to cool down before your head hits the pillows.

Take herbal teas

A comfort and warm cup of soothing herbal tea make it an amazing way to cool you down at night. Some soothing herbal teas can reveal the pain. It is because the herbs interact with medical conditions and medications. But it will be better if you talk to your doctor before you start. Some people get chamomile, ginger and dandelion tea to get relaxation.