How To Get Rid of Lice

How to Get Rid of Lice? Lice inflation are one of the common problems for the kids, especially school children. Lice spread from one another head in the classroom. No matter how much you protect your child it but in vain, anyone can get lice. Lice are much disturbing, But if you would take care, you can get rid of them in just a few days if you use some effective ways.

Over 7 to 11M kids in United Stated get lice in a year. All of them want to clean them. The medicine can be poisonous. The counter of treatments could not be effective. And the result only can be the frustration.

A study showed that some natural remedies were effective to clean them. They are not that good to be considered possible treatments. We have described some of the efficient and natural resources, and these methods use to help kill head lice.

How To Get Rid of Lice

How to Get Rid of Lice Naturally

Don’t freak out

Don’t worry if your baby has head lice. Just take a long breath and don’t fear. It is possible to have and to see them feels gross. But head lice are not harmful to your child health. You have to be much technical if you want to kill the lice, it’s not only about to clean the head lice, it’s about to finish their small nits. The nits(eggs) are stuck to the hairs. While treatments lice can eradicate but the nits cannot.


You will need to make some connection to remove all the lice. You have to start combing your hair sectionally. For that, you will need a special type of comb which you can find in all medical stores. This particular type of comb will remove all the lice. Many years ago there was a trend to extracts nits from the kid’s heads by hands. For that mothers had to spend much time on it. But today, she uses metallic toothed comb which is so much efficient. This comb saves much time, and it is quick to clean.  If you think that except combing there are other effective ways to clean the lice, then you need to think again. Until you have picked every egg, you can’t imagine getting rid of it.

Pyrethrum ingredient

It’s a type of some active element That attacks the neurotic system of active lice. This product is good but doesn’t work all the time. You need to know that some of the lice are repellent to the poison.


On dry hairs, you can apply this product. After applying wait for 15 minutes. Then add some water to wash the foam. Comb it to wash out all the eggs. Repeat this after 12 days later, if you see any bug. You must be careful if it causes any allergic reactions. Be aware of reading the warning on the backside of the bottle.

Use some Olive oil

Olive oil is an excellent agent against the lice. It can probably choke, It dies when some fluid fills their breathing spaces, it should be applied full-night. You won’t believe that lice remain alive for many hours. So that is why after that you need to do some heavy comb to clean them out. Olive oil is much help full to eradicate from your hairs.


It’s also one of the active ingredients like NIx. It considered as an artificial kind of that oil. It works in alike Pyrethrins works, attacks the nits. There are some reports of lice becoming immune to this oil.

Hot air
A study concluded that hot air is so much useful to kill these nits. But it is not helpful in finishing the live lice. A hot air blower can kill up to 90% of the eggs, and 60% of lice. Using a hot air blower and or hair dryer on washed wet hairs can eradicate all of the little bugs.

Hair gel

In a recent research, it has been proven that if you apply styling gel or petroleum jelly on your hairs, that helps to kill head lice. A Styling gel makes hair thicker. Styling gel or petroleum-jelly apparently make smoother the bugs by closing the breath holes.