Do Hemorrhoids Go Away On Their Own

Do Hemorrhoids Go Away On Their Own

The term hemorrhoids refer to a condition in which the veins in your anus become swollen and inflamed. They are usually caused by putting too much strain on your smaller intestine for example during bowel movements or during pregnancy. Due to the location of the problem, many people find it embarrassing to visit a doctor to get the condition treated. But you must know, Do Hemorrhoids Go Away On Their Own?

Do Hemorrhoids Go Away on Their Own?

The fact of the matter is that hemorrhoids will not go away on their own unless you treat them. If left untreated, the problem will get worse as pregnancy, bowel movements, persistent diarrhea, too much sitting, or a poor diet can strain the rectum and make the condition worse.

Hemorrhoids may be present in one of two basic forms:

  • Internal:

They will not be visible during a physical examination as they will be located inside your anus. They are still very painful, but they will take longer to detect.


  • External:

These can found outside your anus, and you can see during an examination. They will cause pain, itching, and even be bleeding.

Regardless of the kind of hemorrhoids, you may be experiencing, the answer to the question “Do hemorrhoids go away on their own?” is a definite no. You may also want to know how large hemorrhoids last. However, the answer to this question depends on you. Some people may find that their hemorrhoid problem clears up within a week or two after initial treatment. Still, others may conclude that their discomfort lasts for even longer than that, and they may need to opt for surgery.

There are many factors which affect how large hemorrhoids last:

  • How far has the condition spread: If the hemorrhoids haven’t spread to a large area, they may get better within a week? If not, they will take longer to heal.
  • Whether or not you experienced them before: If this is your first time, hemorrhoids can heal faster. It takes longer for recurrent hemorrhoids to respond to medication.
  • Whether or not you are currently pregnant: If you are currently pregnant, you may not be able to get your condition treated until your delivery.

Home Remedies: 

Now that you know that hemorrhoids don’t go away on their own and require treatment, here are some home remedies for you to try.

  • Sit in a tub of warm water for 20 minutes three times a day to help the inflammation.
  • Increase your water and fiber intake as this will help to ease your constipation, thus reducing pressure on your rectum.
  • You can use laxatives and other stool softeners to ease the pain, but keep in mind that sometimes this may backfire especially if you are lax about hygiene.
  • Try to be as active as possible and reduce the amount of time that you spend sitting. Not only will this help with constipation, but it will also contribute to improve your blood circulation as well as take some of the pressure on your rectum and anus.
  • Go to the bathroom anytime you feel the need it. Holding it in can make the problem worse.
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