How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System

How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System

Health is wealth but, many people don’t realize that and indulge in activities which have a severe negative impact on their health. One of these activities is using drugs. Although there are so many types of drugs which react differently. They all damage your physical and mental health. Cocaine is one of these drugs, which make you addictive and hamper your health. But, how long does cocaine stay in your system? To find out the answer, read on.

Effects of Cocaine

There are many factors which would determine how cocaine reacts inside your body. Some of them include dosage, consumption method and many doses. Cocaine starts to show its effects after 30 minutes of use. When used sparingly, it can also act as an anesthetic agent.


The primary purpose of using cocaine is that it increases the ability to focus, provide relief from fatigue and to give you an adrenaline rush. What cocaine does it change the way your brain works and turn you into a cocaine addict. If you inject the dose of cocaine, it will make its impact within 30 minutes. On the other hand, cocaine will take anywhere around 45-60 minutes to reach your bloodstream.

Cocaine Stay In Your System

If you want quick results, then injecting the dose into the veins should be your best bet. The half-life of cocaine is not more than 60 minutes, which means that it would stay in your body for less than two hours. That is the answer to the question how long does cocaine stay in your system.

Drug tests done to detect the presence of cocaine shows a minimal amount of cocaine in urine, especially within first few hours because it takes around 3-4 days to detect in urine. It could take even more time for chronic users. In short, cocaine injected in the blood can be detected in 24-48 hours while the average doses can take as long as five days to a week. It will take much longer (3 weeks) to detect high dose cocaine.

The biggest problem with cocaine is that it is very addictive and tinkers with your brain. The result is that users feel the pinch when they don’t get a particular amount of cocaine dose.  The impact of cocaine on your health, whether it is psychological or physical can be detrimental. If things get out of control, then it is highly recommended that you seek professional help and consult with your doctor immediately.


Cocaine can be highly addictive, and its presence in your blood is not good for your health. Although it will stay in your blood for few hours, the damage it does can be enormous. Irrespective of the dose, injection method or frequency, it will give you a feeling of euphoria, increased concentration, and an energy boost but, will put a big dent on your mind and body. It is your choice to decide, whether it is worth it or is not a good deal.