How to get rid of a cold?

How to get rid of a cold? Getting up with a sore throat in the morning then the cough comes and then you sneeze and sniffle. Do you have these signs then no doubt you are sick? There is no any cure for common flu and cold. But still there are many ways that can provide you relief faster.

How to get rid of a cold? Just relax

When you have a cold try to be relaxed and in that condition your body tries to fight hard with the infection. That time your body needs more energy than usual. In that case taking rest should be your priority. After coming back from your school or work you must stay at home. Put your daily routine activities on hold until you feel batter completely.How to get rid of a cold


Go to your bed

Rolling up on your sofa can help you don’t need to stay up late in the night watching TV. When it’s time to get sleep and still you’re up for football or cricket match then you are not doing well.If you staying up late in the night makes your immune system weaker. The immune system fights with the germs but when the immune system is weak then it will be much difficult for him to fight germs. If cold keeps you up at night then you should try to use another pillow it will help you to raise your head. It would relieve sinus pressure and will help you to breathe easier.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking lots of fluids thin your mucus and it breaks the excess.

Headaches and weakness cause dehydration causes getting plenty of fluids will make your mucus thin and healthy.

It also helps to prevent a headache and weakness. You need to keep a glass with you or you can use a reusable bottle of water. In that night you must skip coffee, alcohol, soda, cold drinks, these are the things which can dry you out.

Gargle with salt water

Gargling with salt water would be one of the best solutions. It’s an effective way of soothing a flutter. Salt water helps loosen mucus and swellings mix the half teaspoon of salt in a cup of hot water until it dissolved then gargle three times in a day.

Use some hot drinks

A mug of hot tea will provide you with some ease curling up.  A researcher showed that hot water tea or heat cold also provides comfort to the symptoms of flu like fatigue and sore throat. In that case you need to sip some herbal tea but make sure it is not caffeinated. Try some lemon water and hot soup.

Use some honey

Usage of honey soothes a cough. A study concluded that kids who ate half spoon of honey at the bedtime sleep more comfortable than those kids who take some medicines to sleep. Stir honey into a cup of hot water and decaf tea and lemon and sip it. It will make you much comfort.

Give honey to babies who are younger than one year.

Try some chicken soup

When we are sick it’s common to have a bowl of chicken soup in it. Chicken soup is good for health and our soul too. Why it provides us such a good health? There is a big science behind that. There is an amazing antioxidant which found in the soup is called Cysteine. It is much powerful.  When we cook chicken. it automatically releases in soup. It relates in bronchitis medication resembles.Protein and minerals in the chicken help to keep our immune system strong. and when it’s strong then it will fight with germs. The salty broth makes our mucus thin. Chicken soup truly helps. How to get rid of a cold?