How to Quit Smoking Weed

How to Quit Smoking Weed

Addiction of any kind can be lethal more so when it is of smoking pot. If marijuana has become your favorite past time, then you are bound to suffer sooner rather than later. Now the question raised that How to Quit Smoking Weed? For those who want to stop smoking weed, so you have to make up your mind and stay focused on achieving positive results. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to stop smoking weed.

Step 1: Get Rid of Smoking Equipment

This trick might work or might not, but the fact is that if you surrounded by items that help you in smoking weed, then you are not doing yourself a favor. Small steps such as throwing away all the related equipment can sometimes produce fruitful results. Throw away lighter, matches, containers, and anything that reminds you about smoking weed.


More importantly, delete the number of the person from you buy weed.  Make it more difficult for you to get back to smoking pot. You can also find an alternative activity to keep yourself occupied, but it should be a healthy one instead of an injurious one. Reading, cooking or taking part in your favorite outdoor sport could be a viable option.

how to quit smoking

 Step 2: Consult With the Expert

The first step is to consider smoking weed a problem but once you realize that then you should take measures to curtail your smoking habit. Seek professional help from a therapist, doctor, psychotherapist or pharmacologists. They will guide you on how to quit smoking weed. In addition to this, you could join one of the groups, which support such patients. An addict needs help more than anything else in such a situation. Once, he or she gets it; things start to get better from there.

Step 3: Quit Slowly

As with any other addiction, smoking weed should also be quite slowly and gradually. If you stop smoking weed suddenly, you will feel the urge, and you end up smoking more weed. Therefore, it is important that you reduce the amount of weed you smoke on a weekly basis. Keep yourself occupied so that you don’t feel the need of smoking pot.

Set a timeframe and keep a prize to ensure that you remain motivated throughout the process. Reward yourself when you achieve your goal. Stay away from those friends who smoke weed as people are more vulnerable to smoke weed when there are with their friends due to peer pressure and urge. Focus on the side effects of smoking weed and the benefits of quit smoking it and your journey would be much easier.


You should have a desire to quit smoking and the determination to achieve your goals. If you have both of these things, then the above mentioned three step by step guide will work wonders for you. Remember that small steps can make a big difference. Quit smoking weed slowly and regain the health and happiness of your life. Indulge in other activities and stay away from anything that triggers your addiction to smoke weed.