How to Unlock Your Hip flexors

If you are an athlete, a soccer player or a cyclist, there is a huge chance of unlock your hip flexors. Because in these sports, there is a major role of hips and legs. So, be careful about it we have seen so many times that many people are unaware of this problem. This ignorance is very bad.

Guardian muscles are 3 major muscles which helps us in running and jumping. This problem may also increase when you suddenly bow down for picking something. Or during some exercise or in any sports.

How to Unlock Your Hip flexors

These muscles including iliacus, psoas and Sartorius help you to raise your thighs.  If you set most of the day, then it is not good for you and for your health also. Because sitting is killing you. When you sit, your hips got stricken and also, sitting is killing your sexual life.

How to Unlock Your Hip flexors

Rachel straub, M.S, C.S.C.S, an expert exercise physiologist and also the author of most famous book, named “Weight Training without Injury” says that hip flexors tightness tilts the pelvis permanently forward and this condition is known as lumbar lordships. This condition causes a biomechanical problem and also much pain at both knee and lower back.

There are three exercises which can resolve the problem of unlock your hip flexors..

  • Double Leg Curl Exercise:

Single leg hamstrings curl exercises are great for training. Put your face down on your tummy. Keep your feet flexed, and bend your knees in a way that your heels should touch your hips. But get warmed before starting this exercise. Stay in this position for a while and then release. Do it for 30 times a day. This exercise will stretch the hip flexors that cross the knee joint. This is best leg and thighs exercise workout for the muscles.

  • Supine Gravity Stretch:

Just lie down on a bed, or on a bench which should be at least 2 to 3 feet high form the floor. Your legs should hang on the surface. Now pull your one knee toward your chest, hold it with your hands for 30 seconds. Your other leg should hang down, keep your knee soft and foot towards the floor. In start during warm up, hold your knee for just 5 seconds. Then increase your time and switch both legs. In a day or in a session, you can do 15 sets of this exercise.

  • Lungs:

Start it with kneel on a mat or on a clean surface. Step one is that foot toward as much as you can easily while keeping the right angle in the front leg and the back leg should fully stretched behind you. Your hips and thighs should be more close to the floor as you can easily do that. During warm-up, hold just for 10 to 15 seconds.

According to Straub, you should not try this exercise; until you feel easy while doing two hip flexors exercise. Our program to unlock your hip flexors has already been fan following of almost 250,000 Facebook scribers. Unlock hip flexors is an absolutely cheap and with 60 days money back guarantee.

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