Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy is the most difficult period of a women’s life. Whether you are pregnant for the first time or have given birth before, you should be extra cautious because a small mistake can lead to dangerous health consequences for both mother and the baby. For women, who have been experiencing regular menstrual periods, there is nothing to worry about but, if you are late by 4-5 days then it is better that you go for the late period negative pregnancy test.


For Pregnant Women

If you have been experiencing early signs of pregnancy and have missed your period by more than 4 days then you should go for a home pregnancy test. If the test reveals negative result, then one of the following reasons might be behind it.

Negative Pregnancy Test

  • The urine used for the test was much diluted due to excess consumption of water before the test
  • Sensitivity of the home pregnancy test was very low and could not detect the pregnancy hormone
  • The pregnancy hormone produced by women during pregnancy has not reached a certain level to be detected. This varies greatly from women to women. Some women might produce more pregnancy hormone than others
  • Some complication during pregnancy can also be a reason behind negative results in tests

Pregnant women experiencing signs of pregnancy with a late period should immediately consult with a professional medical practitioner.

Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test

Although, there is nothing wrong when you miss your period by a couple of days once or twice but, things can get a lot serious if this condition persists. If you have been missing your periods by more than 3 days many times, then you should contact the doctor and tell her about your condition.

There could be many reasons for this but, one of them is malfunctioning of the thyroid gland. Thyroid gland interferes with the menstrual cycle. Other signs include hair loss, tiredness and weight gain. High production of prolactin, a hormone in breastfeeding moms, by the brain can also have a negative impact on menstrual.

According to the experts, you should not rely on home pregnancy test because its accuracy is quite low. A negative result does not mean that there is a big problem. It is better that you go for the test one week after missing a period. It will reveal much more accurate hormone rating. Make sure you choose the best laboratory and go for the test as advised by your doctor. Follow all the instructions.

If you are getting negative results after waiting for many days, then this means that you are not pregnant. Keep in touch with your doctor and inform about the changes in your condition so that the doctor could recommend a better solution to your menstrual problems. The key is to find out whether it is a temporary delay or just caused due to any other factor. When you identify the main culprit behind this problem, you can easily cure it with the right treatment methods.