Top best pillow for neck pain

Do you wake up with a strained or even aching neck in the morning and keep wondering what this pain all about is? All your questions and concerns are right under your head. The answer lies in your pillow. This may be the time to ditch your pillow for the best pillow for neck pain.

Reasons for neck pain:

There can be a number of reasons for neck pain ranging from simple muscle strains to worn joint to injuries and diseases. While some serious conditions require medical attention, muscle strains can be cured just by switching your pillow. The choice of your pillow shall greatly depend on your sleeping posture. If you are a side sleeper, you will need a different type of pillow as compared to those who are sleeping on their stomach. This choice is crucial as the spine is shaped differently in different sleeping postures.

Factors to help you choose pillow:

Listed down are some factors that you should consider before choosing your pillow.

  • Your pillow should be adequately sized to fit your head and neck. Since a certain level of heat is necessary for the body function, make sure you do not leave a space between your neck and shoulders and do not expose you your neck to air. This will help in reducing the aches and stiffness.
  • Try to find a single pillow of suitable height and avoid using multiple pillows as they can give your head an unwanted forward tilt thus causing strains.
  • The pillow should suit your sleeping posture. For side sleepers or stomach sleepers, a soft and relatively flat pillow is suggested so as to avoid any unnatural tilt in neck and spine.
  • A knee or body pillow is best recommended for side sleepers as it prevents the knees from coming together and avoiding strain on the spine.
  • If your pillow cannot be inflated again, it’s best to change it as a flat pillow is harmful to spine given its limited capacity to support the spine.

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Most common pillows:

Most common pillows you will see are the down pillows and the feather pillows. These are known for their softness and comfort. These are also easy to maintain and are often washable. These can be used by both side sleepers and stomach sleepers. But out focus here is not on these. We are focusing on Memory Foam Pillows.

According to the research:

During a research conduct for the sole purpose of this article, I happened to interview a number of customers in a range of supermarkets and around 85% of them preferred memory foam pillow over other types. After researching a bit deeper, I learned that memory foam is a special type of foam, which is treated with some extra chemicals to make it more viscous and dense. It enables it to adapt to the body shape once it is in contact with body heat and pressure, thus providing a pillow which is customized to your particular shape. This will definitely give you a unique experience and a much greater comfort. Once heat and pressure are removed from the pillow, it regains its natural shape.

Going through the research materials and customers’ feedback and also backed by opinions of some orthopedics we are confident to advise that memory foam pillows are the top best pillows neck pain.