What is Hepatitis C?

What is Hepatitis C? Hepatitis C is an infection of your liver, and it a dangerous type of inflammation. How can you know if you have Hepatitis C? It is not easy to tell in early stages about this disease. Most of the people don’t perceive any types of symptoms of Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis can cause by some infection. remedy, contagious or autoimmune process can be the reasons for this disease. The most common causes by Viruses can particularly be, Hepatitis A, Bm and C. Hepatitis C is the last stage, and it is considered as most dangerous of all Hepatitis viruses.

How many Types of Hepatitis C are there

There are few types of Hepatitis virus. Two primary disease stages of Hepatitis C are mentioned below.

Acute Hepatitis C and the other one is Chronic Hepatitis C. The type of illness will experience by the time, and it will show you the symptoms and. Then your doctor can be able to tell you what type of disease you have.

What is Hepatitis C

How can you explain

According to Health department, the people how acute up to 90 percent, can’t experience the symptoms of Hepatitis C. In some of the cases we find that people did experience the sign and symptoms of this virus no longer after it infected them.

The symptoms can be moderate or harsh, and you can suffer from some bad health:

  • You can have fever
  • You can feel weak
  • Suffering from less appetite
  • Sickness

If Hepatitis C is developing in you, then you can have these major symptoms

  • Your eyes will be yellow
  • yellowing of your skin
  • You can feel pain in your abdomen
  • You can be nausea or can vomit
  • You can experience changings in urine.

The beginning of the symptoms would probably to happen around 6 to 8 weeks after you know that you have Hepatitis C virus.

Symptoms that can delay

Some of the people produce Hepatitis C signs in three weeks of the infection. It is possible that other people can experience the sign and symptoms after much delay. The disease can take 7 months to a decay or more years before someone with the virus happens to know of any signs.

A research says The virus can take many years lead to your liver and damage it.

Getting diagnosed

It is much hard to tell about the disease on the base of the symptoms if you have engaged with Hepatitis C. It will be tested before. A blood test can confirm that you have Hepatitis C or not.

When your doctor gives you the result of your blood test, they recommend that you should experience on your liver to restrict if you have chronic Hepatitis C.

Now we have many medications and treatments that can diagnose your illness. But into the back years, there were no remedies & medications to cure this disease. Now from the last few decays, the treatments and medications have passed to treat Hepatitis C. So when your doctor experience any of these symptoms in you, he refers you to specialise. The liver specialist can help you give you the best courses and will start treatment.

You need to take some serious preventions

It’s difficult to say that you are having Hepatitis C behalf of the symptoms you explain. But you must practice some preventions which would take care of you from developing more of this condition. You need to be very careful during sex. You need to be more concerned if you have piercings or making tattoos on your body, workers should use clean and sterilise needles.

A healthy diet for Hepatitis C patients and why it matters?

Normally there is no any specific diet for the patients of Hepatitis C to follow. But if the patient eats healthy food and cuts out the junks proves good for his health and it’s a good start. Everything you eat and drink, your liver act upon on it. If you maintain some proper nutrition, then that can improve your liver’s health. The healthy diet also even can reduce the impact of hepatitis C. If you have Hepatitis C, if your liver is dealing with infection than the unhealthy diet over the time, can lead to scarring cirrhosis and can reduce your liver functions. Simply you can say that your liver is dealing with a lot. So eating healthy and well will help ease some of the pressure